Polaris, a renowned name in the powersports industry, has been a trailblazer since its inception in 1954. The company has continually set and then surpassed industry standards, showcasing its commitment to innovation in both product design and the experiences it offers. This ethos is encapsulated in their motto, “THINK OUTSIDE,” which reflects their approach to powersports.

As a pioneer and current global leader in the industry, Polaris holds a unique position of influence and responsibility. The company recognizes that leadership entails a continuous push for progress and innovation, aiming to meet and exceed the evolving needs of customers. Polaris is dedicated to extending its reach, inviting more people to experience the thrill of powersports.

Central to Polaris’s strategy is a focus on staying ahead of customer needs, delivering exceptional experiences, and fostering inspirational brands. This commitment is underpinned by rider-driven innovation and supported by some of the industry’s most talented and dedicated individuals. For Polaris, leading from the front is more than a statement—it’s an ethos that they wholeheartedly embrace and embody in their ongoing quest to shape and advance the world of powersports.

Official Polaris Website: https://www.polaris.com/en-us/


Can-Am, a prominent brand in the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and side-by-side (SxS) market, is a division of BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), a Canadian company with deep roots in the powersports industry. BRP was originally part of Bombardier Inc., founded in 1942 as L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada.

BRP has expanded significantly since its inception, with manufacturing facilities located in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Finland, and Austria. The company’s global reach extends to over 100 countries, serviced by more than 4,200 dealers and distributors. BRP, including its Can-Am brand, is supported by a workforce of over 7,100 people worldwide.

Can-Am Off-Road is renowned for its comprehensive lineup of ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicles, catering to a wide range of riders, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. These vehicles are known for their performance, reliability, and innovative design, making them a popular choice among those seeking adventure and utility in off-road environments. Can-Am’s commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence in powersports continues to solidify its position as a key player in the industry.

Official Can-am Website: https://can-am.brp.com/us/en/


CFMoto, officially known as Zhejiang Chunfeng Power Co., Ltd., is a distinguished Chinese manufacturer specializing in a diverse range of powersports and marine products. The company, headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, is renowned for its production of engines, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), quadricycles, quads, and yachts. CFMoto’s products, including the Chunfeng CF650-2 and CF1250J models, are notable for their use as police vehicles by public security agencies across various provinces and cities in China.

Established in 1989 by Lai Guoqiang, CFMoto has a rich history that demonstrates its growth and diversification in the powersports industry. In 2013, the company expanded its portfolio to include the construction of high-end yachts, showcasing its versatility and commitment to innovation.

A significant milestone in CFMoto’s journey was its commercial partnership with KTM, initiated in 2011. This collaboration further expanded in 2017 when the two companies started a joint venture. This venture enabled the production and sale of KTM motorcycles in China under the name “KTMR2R”. Furthermore, CFMoto assembles small displacement models for KTM in its Chinese factories and produces large displacement KTM engines, highlighting its manufacturing capabilities and international partnerships.

CFMoto’s growth and success were further acknowledged in 2017 when it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the code 603129, operating as Chunfeng Power. This listing underscores the company’s prominence and standing in the market.

In a move towards sustainable and innovative transportation, CFMoto announced the launch of a new sub-brand of electric motorcycles, Zeeho, at the end of 2020. This development marks CFMoto’s entry into the electric vehicle sector, aligning with global trends towards environmentally friendly and efficient modes of transportation. With its diverse product range and forward-looking initiatives, CFMoto continues to be a key player in the global powersports and marine industries.

Official CFMoto Website: https://www.cfmotousa.com/