Polaris is the premium brand for ATVs and UTVs. The main reason for the success of the various models is their design, quality and performance. There are many models to choose from, including the Polaris Scrambler. This excellent ATV is capable of great performance and offers good driving comfort. Here’s what you need to know about this model’s top speed:

The top speed of the Polaris Scrambler models is electronically limited. The Scrambler’s 1000 XP top speed is 80 mph. The Scrambler 850 reaches 65 mph, and the Scrambler 400 and 500 reach about 60-65 mph.

This information has been gathered through spec sheets as well as by watching the many YouTube videos where the Polaris Scrambler is driven fast. You can be assured that we have not only collected theoretical data, but also tested how the Scrambler performs in practice.

Additionally, we’ll give you 8 suggestions on how to ramp up your Polaris Scrambler and increase the top speed, so read on!

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Top Speed Polaris Scrambler 1000 XP, 850, 500 and 400

The Polaris Sportsman is one of the popular ATV models in the Polaris range. Not only because of its engine, but also because of its functionality, quality and driver comfort.

ScramblerTop Speed (mph)
1000 XP80
400 65

Top speed depends on several factors. For example, the surface you drive on is decisive, on asphalt you drive faster than on a dirt road. The weight you take with you also affects the top speed, the heavier the machine, the lower the top speed.

See the next video to see a top speed trail in practice!

How To Make Your Polaris Scrambler Faster?

By increasing the engine and engine parts, the Polaris Scrambler will reach a higher top speed. But remember that the UTV is not designed for this, which can cause more wear and tear and more frequent maintenance.

If you still have a factory warranty on your Scrambler, I advise against ramping it up. If you change your Polaris, the warranty could be voided, meaning you will have to pay for any major issues yourself. So, first check your warranty before you make the alterations.

Polaris scrambler top speed

There are several ways to make the Polaris Scrambler faster, (but remember, this is at your own risk) including:

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1. Use Better Fuel

To easily and quickly enhance the speed of your Scrambler, switch to higher octane fuel. You can improve your engine’s performance by using fuel with a higher-octane rating. It increases fuel efficiency while lowering corrosion of the mechanical parts of your fuel system because the fuel burns more thoroughly.

You will notice the performance differences, even if the better mileage isn’t obvious. You will spend a little bit more on it than regular fuel, but you will feel the difference when you press the gas button. Many owners choose to increase the octane level of their fuel themselves because they want a bigger boost than what is offered at a gas station. 

You can add a little bit of gas to your Scrambler and rock it back and forth to mix it. For accurate measurements, you can pre-mix it in a gas can before placing it in the gas tank.

2. Get a Clutch Kit

An aftermarket clutch assembly can increase the top speed and acceleration of your Polaris Scrambler. The kit adjusts your RPM curve to make your car as powerful as possible, but the right upgrade may help you go faster and accelerate faster. New springs and weights that change the timing and speed of the clutch self-adjustment are often included in clutch kits.

It is possible to adjust clutch kits to suit different riding styles, riding situations, and engine adjustments. The benefits of using a clutch kit include improved acceleration and throttle response, higher top speeds, torque, and power, and less belt slippage and heat buildup. This prolongs the belt life. You can get a clutch kit for a Polaris Scrambler for around $225.00 to over $425.00.

3. Engine Control Module Tuning

The top speed of the machine is set by the engine control unit. An ECU tune-up can greatly improve your Scramblers performance. It is cheap and significantly increases the speed of your bike. You can flash or remap the ECU to get rid of the speed restrictions, increase the RPM, and increase the power. 

You can also turn off the speed limits with an aftermarket ECU flash. Either installing an ECU tuner, so you can make the necessary modifications, or having the ECU tuned by experts will enhance speed on your Polaris Scrambler. You can change the characteristics of your bike by attaching an ECU tuner to its electrical system.

Some riders change the radiator fan’s temperature setting to keep the engine cool. You can also change the fuel curve and ignition timing to change how much gasoline is given at certain RPMs and change the timing. It can considerably improve throttle response and acceleration.

An ECU tune-up involves many risks. Inexperienced people can damage their Scrambler, so you should hire a professional to do the installation. An expert tune-up may cost about $400.

4. Fuel Injection Tuning

If you want to get the most out of your engines’ performance, you should improve the fuel delivery. Fuel injection systems need special programmers to improve your fuel system. The Dynojet Fuel Injection System is a pioneer in fuel injection systems for power sports vehicles. The Dynojet Power Commander is a popular product that can fit into your ATV’s current wire harness.

You can use it to precisely control the gasoline delivered to your engine to provide the most power possible. The Power Commander tuner for Polaris Scrambler costs $430.

5. Install High-Flow Air Filters 

You should regularly check and clean your air filter. A blocked air filter stops the air from getting to the engine and makes the engine choke or suffocate when you drive it. A high-flow air filter can be substituted for your factory air filter. K&N has been manufacturing some of the most outstanding air filters for practically any Powersports or automotive application since many years ago.

The upgraded intake system allows for increased airflow to the engine, which results in a higher power. It is one of the simplest ways to boost your machine’s performance. The price range for K&N high-flow air filters is $28.85 to $125.95.

6. Upgrade the Exhaust

polaris scrambler top speed

The Polaris Scramblers exhaust can be upgraded to improve the performance of your quad, although the upgrade can be time-consuming. With the ability to evacuate more air, the engine can pull in more air. Together with a high-flow air intake system, this setup performs well.

If you can’t replace the entire exhaust system, a performance slip-on exhaust is a great alternative. The slip-on muffler is the most common method because it lets you replace your factory muffler with a lighter one. Additionally, these systems have cores that provide far greater exhaust flow rates than the significantly baffled stock systems.

The slip-on exhaust system gives you more power, but not as much as a full-performance exhaust system. You could also consider pairing the slip-on or full systems with a high-flow intake system for greater performance.

The performance exhaust systems are usually shaped like cones and gradually get bigger or have greater diameters than the stock exhaust systems. More air can flow through the engine thanks to it. Power and speed are both increased by the richer air-fuel mixture. The price range for slip-on mufflers is between $145 and $350.

7. Correct Tire Size, Weight, and Pressure

If you want to go faster, use a larger tire. If you wish to accelerate more quickly, consider purchasing a larger tire. Larger tires turn with more force, but go farther per revolution. Depending on the terrain, tire pressure might affect performance. In sand or snow, a lower tire pressure helps you go faster, while a higher tire pressure is better on hard ground.

Furthermore, your quad’s speed typically suffers from the popular setup of steel wheels with large, heavy mud tires. Consider obtaining lightweight aluminum rims and decent performance tires if you want to speed up your Scrambler depending on your playground or hobby, select the appropriate tire size.

8. A Big Bore Kit

The installation of a big bore kit may result in significant performance improvements. The acceleration speed will increase along with the top speed. In other words, you are expanding the capacity of your engine. With most larger bore kits, you will need to replace the piston and cylinder with bigger ones.

This will improve the performance of your Scrambler by allowing more air, fuel, and the mixture to enter the combustion chamber. You can get a Big bore cylinder kit for $460 and upwards.