The Can-Am Outlander balances stability and power for assured handling, the most horsepower, and the best haul in its class. It may be customized for any task or off-road use, and is designed to function in every environment or season. The Outlander boasts genuine 4WD, better traction, and exceptional mobility even on the most challenging terrains. Simple to use and operate.

If you are purchasing an Outlander and still need a truck and trailer, that can make up a significant portion of the ATV purchasing process. You must consider several factors When choosing the correct trailer size for your Outlander.

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Why is It Important to Know the Weight?

You have to tow your Can-Am Outlander in most public spaces. Typically, ATVs are not allowed for lawful street use on public streets. Trailers have a carrying capacity, which is something to bear in mind. The axle’s load rating largely determines the weight limit of the trailer. The rating of a trailer axle’s diameter aids in figuring out the axle’s overall strength.

The amount of weight an axle can support depends on the thickness of the axle. Most axles can support between 1,000 and 10,000 lbs. And the weight of the trailer has an impact on both a vehicle’s performance and its driving qualities. For instance, moving a large trailer through winding, narrow roads could be challenging. In addition, most trailers require excellent acceleration or handling and are generally slow.

Understanding your trailer’s weight capacity may assist you in making decisions about what you can tow and how to balance the load efficiently. You run the danger of breaking the axle if you attempt to tow something heavier than the trailer can support or put the weight too unevenly.

If this happens while you are loading, you risk getting hurt and the others assisting you. It could harm your car and other vehicles if it occurs while you’re travelling. You must therefore be aware of and adhere to your trailer’s weight restriction.

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Can You Use a Truck Bed, and What If You Don’t Have a Truck?

Unless you have a large ATV or a short truck bed, you should be alright using your truck bed if you only have one ATV. Also, if you don’t have a truck, don’t assume you have to go out and spend a lot of money on a new truck. You don’t need a truck to tow your Outlander because many ATV trailers work well when hauled by a small SUV or even a minivan.

Why Do You Need to Know the Width, Length, and Height?

The size of the trailer affects the driving characteristics too. For example, a long trailer could be difficult to maneuver on the road with tight turns, and a tall trailer might not fit under bridges or other structures. The manufacturer offers the usual ex-works dimensions. Each model’s dimensions might differ, and occasionally the variances are significant.

The width, length, and height of your Outlander may also change due to personalization. For instance, larger tires or a raise kit might dramatically change the bike’s size. Consequently, after making alterations, you must reevaluate the Can-Am Outlander’s proportions. If you want a trailer for the bike, it would be best to measure it.

Can-Am Outlander Weight, Width, Length and Height 

The width, length, height and weight are different for each type of Outlander. View the table below for the different versions of the Outlander and look up the data.

Can-am Outlander ModelEstimated Dry Weight (lbs)Dimensions in inches (length x width x height)
Outlander 45070083 x 46 x 49
Outlander 57072083 x 46 x 49
Outlander DPS 45070083 x 46 x 49
Outlander DPS 57072083 x 46 x 49
Outlander XT 57072083 x 46 x 49
Outlander MR 57083083 x 46 x 49
Outlander Sport X MR 57084583 x 46 x 49
MOSSY OAK HUNTING EDITION 57072083 x 46 x 49
OUTLANDER 500 2WD71886.7 x 47.6 x 48
OUTLANDER 500/70074086.7 x 47.6 x 48
OUTLANDER DPS 500/70075086.7 x 47.6 x 48
OUTLANDER XT 70085889.9 x 48.8 x 48.2
OUTLANDER X MR 70087689.9 x 48.8 x 48.2
OUTLANDER MAX DPS 500/70078594.2 x 47.6 x 48
OUTLANDER MAX XT 70089394.2 x 47.6 x 48
Outlander DPS81786 x 48 x 49.5
Outlander XT 85081586 x 48 x 49.5
Outlander XT 100089586 x 48 x 49.5
Outlander HUNTING EDITION 85081786 x 48 x 49.5
Outlander XT-P 85086986 x 48 x 49.5
Outlander XT-P 1000R95486 x 48 x 49.5
Outlander X XC89586 x 48 x 49.5
Outlander X MR 85095188 x 50 x 51.5
Outlander X MR 1000R1013/101497 x 50 x 51.5
Outlander MAX DPS86994 x 48 x 53
Outlander MAX XT 85086994 x 48 x 53
Outlander MAX XT 1000R95494 x 48 x 53
Outlander MAX XT-P 85086994 x 48 x 53
Outlander MAX XT-P 1000R95494 x 48 x 53
Outlander MAX LIMITED95494 x 48 x 53
Outlander MAX 6X6 DPS 4501000118 x 46 x 57
Outlander MAX 6X6 DPS 6501100124.8 x 48.5 x 55.3
Outlander MAX 6X6 DPS 10001170124.8 x 48.5 x 55.3

Note: The weight and dimensions are taken from the 2023 Can-Am Outlander models. The weight of the Outlander that were previously produced are close to the weights mentioned in the table.

Extra Weight, What Now?

You might have added aftermarket components to your Can-Am Outlander to make it more unique. The extras like larger rims and tires, a winch, or a light bar also impact the bike’s weight. Hence, you have to approximate the weight since the manufacturer’s specifications are no longer relevant. So, you must consider the manufacturer’s data and adjustments.

Dry Weight

It’s the bike’s weight without any liquids, such as petrol or oil. The situation renders the ATV useless.

Wet Weight

It’s the curb weight or ready-to-ride weight. It includes the fluids, a full tank of gas, and the ATV’s standard equipment. Furthermore, it won’t change the trailer’s characteristics much and slightly increases its weight.

Gross Weight

It’s the allowable or maximum weight for a vehicle, including passengers, luggage, and wet weight.


It’s the weight the bike can carry, including its passengers and their belongings. When selecting a trailer, many individuals require clarification on the cargo and towing capability. A vehicle or trailer’s payload capacity is the maximum weight it can tow without endangering the suspension, tires, or other parts.

The strength of the framework, the suspension, the tires’ size, and the braking system’s effectiveness all affect payload capacity. Overloading the trailer’s payload has many severe repercussions. You always have to keep your trailer under control. Managing the trailer when it is overloaded becomes difficult, thus endangering you and other drivers.

Also, an overloaded trailer is more susceptible to issues like flat tires or broken axles. Thus, always maintain the payload below the maximum limit to keep your trailer and car safe when driving. It would be best if you only utilized a portion of the capacity.

And What About the Dimensions

The bike’s proportions may vary if you upgrade your Can-Am Outlander with aftermarket parts. For instance, adding larger tires can make your ATV wider. So, if you have modified or added components, such as larger wheels, a light bar, or a winch, you must reevaluate the Can-Am Outlander’s specs. Because of the aftermarket components you put into altering the bike’s size, the manufacturer’s standards could no longer be applicable.

Order the Trailer

You now clearly understand the Can-Am Outlander’s weight and proportions. How do you choose among the several trailers, and what should you do next? Start by determining what features your Can-Am Outlander trailer must have and how much you can comfortably spend on it. Find out which trailer manufacturers best fulfil your needs by visiting their websites. Then, decide whether you want your trailer delivered by the manufacturer or a nearby dealer.