The wheel bolt pattern dictates how well the wheels fit the vehicle, making it crucial when selecting the appropriate set of wheels. Your choice of wheels can improve performance, safety, and aesthetics if you know your quad’s bolt pattern. The wrong bolt pattern can result in ill-fitting wheels and jeopardize safety.

Can-Am Renegade junior models have wheel hubs with a stock 4 x 110 bolt pattern, while the 4 X 137 pattern is standard on the higher versions. The wheel bolt pattern’s first number indicates the number of boltholes, while its second value is the measurement in millimeters of the bolt circle diameter.

Thus, it’s essential to comprehend your bike’s bolt arrangement before upgrading the wheels. Additionally, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the bolt pattern for your specific make and model in case you need a spare, a particular part replacement, or help while you’re stuck.

Can-Am Renegade Wheel Bolt Pattern

The bolt circle is an imaginary circle made by the arrangement of the centers of the lug nuts or mounting holes. Thus, the 4 x 110 and 4 X 137 bolt patterns feature four boltholes with a 110 and 137 mm bolt circle, respectively. Wheel adapters are the only way to fit wheels with a different bolt pattern.

Here are examples of 2023 Can-Am Renegade models and their bolt patterns: 

  1. Can-Am Renegade 110 EFI: 4 x 110
  2. Can-Am Renegade X XC 110 EFI: 4 x 110
  3. Can-Am Renegade EFI: 4 x 137
  4. Can-Am Renegade X MR 650: 4 x 137
  5. Can-Am Renegade X XC 1000 R: 4 x 137
  6. Can-Am Renegade X MR 1000 R: 4 x 137

Knowing your quad’s bolt pattern lets you quickly find compatible wheels and tires and improve your bike’s performance and style.

What is the Bolt Pattern of a Wheel?

The bolt pattern is sometimes called the lug pattern, bolt circle, or pitch circle diameter. It describes the arrangement and number of mounting holes or nuts that secure a wheel to a vehicle. It’s quantified by two metrics: the number of nuts and the dimension, in inches or millimeters, of an imaginary circle centered on the wheel hub.

Can-Am renegade bolt pattern

The centers of the boltholes or lug nuts bound the notional circle formed by the hub’s core. Combining these two measures creates a unique bolt pattern for each vehicle brand and model. Thus, the bolt pattern is the number and spacing of lug hole openings that correspond to the proper stud or bolt pattern measurement on the wheel hub.

Typically, ATVs use bolt patterns of 4 x 110, 4 x 137, and 4 x 156 millimeters, translating to 4.33″, 5.39″, and 6.14″ in inches, respectively. Knowing your rig’s bolt pattern is crucial for choosing the appropriate set of wheels because a machine can only use multiple bolt patterns with modification.

Can-Am Renegade Bolt Pattern

Knowing your bike’s bolt pattern is essential to install wheels correctly and safely. Additionally, it helps you focus your search on wheels compatible with your Renegade. So, remember that the two most essential components of a lug pattern are the number of holes and the dimension of the bolt circle, which are 4 x 110 or 4 x 137 for the Renegade.

Can-Am Renegade lug nuts being 10 mm x 1.25p, with the latter figure indicating the thread pitch. Your Can-Am Renegade’s stock tires, wheels, and offset will vary depending on the model. You can check the owner’s manual. Always use your bike’s bolt pattern when choosing or replacing the wheel and tire. 

Important Things to Consider When Buying New Wheels and Tires 

To ensure that your Renegade performs at its best while considering an upgrade, bear the following in mind:

Wheel Design

Wheels made of several materials, including alloy, steel, and aluminum, are compatible with the Can-Am Renegade. Select the material that best serves your needs: Aluminum wheels are lighter and have better handling. Alloy wheels offer a better mix between strength and weight, while steel wheels are more durable and cost-effective.

Complementary Bolt Patterns

Confirming that the replacement wheels you choose to have the same bolt pattern as your quad is imperative. A suitable wheel bolt pattern will ensure your Can-Am Renegade’s exact fit and alignment. A poor design produces ill-fitment and misalignment. So, checking the bolt pattern to prevent installation issues is essential.

You can install wheels with a different bolt pattern using a wheel adapter.

Tire Construction

You want to choose the right tire and size for the best performance. Using bigger ones will provide you with more ground clearance and better traction. Install smaller tires if you want more maneuverability and acceleration. The optimal tire tread pattern will depend on the terrain you are riding on, such as all-terrain, dirt, sand, gravel, or rocky.

Quality and Product

Always get replacement wheels and tires of the highest caliber from reliable suppliers. Quality products from trusted companies will improve durability, performance, and safety.


Note the wheel and tire upgrade can affect ground clearance, suspension travel, and ride quality. Also, it may be necessary to tweak the Can-Am Renegade’s factory suspension to accommodate the changes. It’s best to seek the counsel of experts if you need more technical information to help you with any essential suspension modifications.

Personal Preferences

You can enhance your riding experiences by thoughtfully upgrading the performance and look of your quad. Choose wheels and tires based on your preferences, riding style, and intended use for the Renegade. Consider your ideal bike’s appearance, ride comfort, and performance requirements to choose the optimum combination.

Can-Am Renegade Bolt Pattern Conversion

Modifying the bolt pattern will allow you to put wheels other than those with your bike. Upgrading the wheels and tires can improve your Can-Am Renegade’s handling, performance, and aesthetics. The modification increases clearance, allowing for the installation of larger or bigger aftermarket wheels and tires, which enhance stability and safety.

The upgrade also gives your Renegade a more aggressive stance. Additionally, if your wheels rub against the shock absorbers or brake calipers, the adjustment may help to resolve the clearance issues. Furthermore, the upgrade improves handling, stability, and traction for peak performance.

Yet, when deciding whether to modify the bolt pattern on your Can-Am Renegade, there are a few crucial factors to consider. These include:

  • Performance Needs 
    The performance requirements of the bike will determine the bolt design to use. A lug pattern with more bolts is preferable for high-performance sports or off-roading, since it offers stability and support. But a bolt circle with fewer bolts is quicker to install and maintain and ideal for everyday use.
  • Compatible with the Can-Am Renegade
    When selecting a bolt pattern, the primary consideration is how well the wheels will fit your quad. Ensure the wheel’s bolt pattern corresponds with the Renegade’s to avoid fitment troubles.
  • Wheel Fit
    Fitting your Renegade depends on the offset and size of the wheels. For optimum fit and to avoid issues with the suspension and steering, it’s crucial to ensure the wheels’ size and offset meet the requirements for the Renegade.
  • Professional Installation
    It’s essential to consult a skilled technician before attempting a bolt pattern modification to ensure a high-quality and secure installation. Bolt pattern change can be difficult, although it rarely poses a risk.
  • Other Considerations
    Typically, bolt pattern conversions deploy wheel or conversion adapters. They adjust bolt patterns to enable you to mount wheels with atypical designs. Additionally, the adapters can fit aftermarket wheels built for a different machine.

Keep in mind that upgrading your wheels and tires may produce unexpected results. Installing larger wheels or tires, for instance, without altering the clutch, increases the chance of sluggish shifts and power loss. Also, fitting aftermarket tires and wheels makes maintenance more critical.

Pick a new bolt pattern based on wheel appropriateness, vehicle compatibility, and desired level of performance. So, to ensure a correct fit and a safe and satisfying driving experience, it is crucial to research and comprehend your machine’s bolt pattern before buying new wheels.