The bolt pattern is essential for choosing the ideal set of wheels for a vehicle because it determines how effectively the wheels will function with it. Knowing your vehicle’s bolt pattern aids you in selecting the correct set of wheels for better performance, safety, and aesthetics. A poor bolt pattern can lead to ill-fitting wheels and compromise safety.

Wheel hubs with a stock 4 x 137 bolt pattern are standard on all Can-Am Commander models, including the Commander DPS, the Commander XT, Commander Limited, and Commander MAX four-door variations. The first number in the bolt pattern denotes the number of boltholes, while the second represents the bolt circle diameter in millimeters.

So, it’s crucial to understand your Side-by-side bolt pattern before spending money on new wheels. Further, it’s wise to be familiar with the bolt pattern for your particular make and model in case you require a spare, need to replace a specific part or need assistance while you’re stuck.

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Can-Am Commander Bolt Pattern

Understanding the bolt pattern for your side-by-side is crucial for proper and safe wheel installation. It also assists you in narrowing down your search for wheels that work with your Commander. So, keep in mind that a lug pattern’s two most essential elements are the number of holes and the bolt circle diameter, i.e., 4 x 137 for the Commander.

The stock Can-Am Commander lug nuts measure 10 mm x 1.25, with the latter number denoting the thread pitch. Depending on the model of your Can-Am Commander, your stock tires and wheels could be 27 x 9-14 up front and 27 x 11-14 in the rear or 27x 9-12 up front and 27×11-12 at the back. The front and rear wheel offset are both 4+3.

Always use your Side-by-sides bolt pattern to pick the suitable wheel and tire. 

What Is a Wheel Bolt Pattern?

The bolt pattern is known as the lug pattern, bolt circle, and pitch circle diameter. It refers to the layout and the number of mounting holes used to attach a wheel to a vehicle. And it’s described by two metrics: the number of holes and the diameter of the imaginary circle centered on the wheel hub in inches or millimeters.

The centers of the boltholes or lug nuts define the circumference of the hypothetical circle generated by the hub’s center. The specific bolt pattern for each vehicle makes, and model is created by combining these two measurements. Thus, the bolt pattern refers to the number and spacing of lug hole openings that correlate to the appropriate stud or bolt pattern measurement on the vehicle hub.

Can-Am commander bolt pattern

The standard bolt patterns for UTVs are 4 x 110, 4 x 137, and 4 x 156 millimeters, which correspond to 4.33 “, 5.39″, and 6.14” in inches, respectively. Because different bolt patterns can’t be installed on the same machine without requiring modification, knowing your machine’s bolt pattern is essential for selecting the right pair of wheels.

Thus, the 4 X 137 bolt pattern has four boltholes and a 137 mm bolt circle, the fictitious circle created by the placement of the mounting hole or lug nut centers. Wheel adapters are the only way to fit wheels with non-compliant bolt patterns.

Key Considerations for Buying New Wheels and Tires

When considering upgrading, keep the following things in mind to make sure your UTV operates at its peak performance:

Wheel Type

The Can-Am Commander is compatible with wheels made of various materials, including alloy, steel, and aluminum. Choose the material that suits your purposes. Steel wheels are more cost-effective and robust, while alloy wheels offer a better balance between strength and weight. Additionally, aluminum wheels are lighter and provide superior handling.

Matching Bolt Patterns

You must ensure that the new wheels you select have the same bolt pattern as your Can-Am commander. The right wheel bolt pattern guarantees a proper fit and accurate alignment on your UTV. Verifying the bolt pattern is crucial to avoiding installation difficulties. Using a wheel adapter, you can fit wheels with a non-conforming bolt pattern.

Tire design

The optimal performance requires selecting the correct tire and size. If you want faster acceleration and maneuverability, fit smaller tires. Install larger ones if you desire better traction and higher ground clearance. The type of surface you are riding on, such as dirt, sand, gravel, rocky, or all-terrain, will dictate the ideal tire tread pattern.

Product and Quality

Select high-quality replacement wheels and tires from reputable manufacturers for your Can-Am Commander. Products from reliable companies provide durability, performance, and safety.


The aftermarket wheels and tires could impact the ground clearance, suspension travel, and ride quality. Also, to fit the upgrades on the Can-Am Commander, you should change the factory suspension. It’s a good idea to consult professionals for advice if you require more technical knowledge, so they can assist you in making any necessary suspension modifications.

Individual Preference

A thoughtful upgrade can improve your Commander’s performance and appearance, enhancing your riding experiences and off-road excursions. Your tastes, riding style, and planned use of the UTV will all influence the wheels and tires you choose. To select the best combination, take into account your desired Side-by-side look, ride comfort, and performance needs.

Can-Am Commander Bolt Pattern Conversion

You can mount wheels other than those with your Side-by-Side by changing the bolt pattern. Installing the aftermarket wheels and tires can enhance your Can-Am Commander’s handling, performance, and looks. The conversion increases clearance, enabling the fitting of bigger or larger wheel and tire upgrades, which promote stability and safety.

Also, the upgrade makes your Commander’s posture more aggressive. In addition, the change can help fix clearance problems if your wheels touch your shock absorbers or brake calipers. Further, the improvement enhances traction, stability, and handling for optimum performance.

However, there are a few critical aspects to consider when thinking about changing the bolt pattern on your Can-Am Commander, such as:

  • Performance Requirements 
    The choice of bolt design will depend on the performance needs of the Side-by-side. A lug pattern with more bolts is advantageous for off-roading because it adds stability and support. But a bolt circle with fewer bolts is more practical for everyday usage and easier to install and maintain.
  • Can-Am Commander Compatibility
    When choosing a bolt pattern, the main factor is how well the wheels will fit your UTV. Confirming that the Commander’s bolt pattern matches the wheel is essential to prevent fitment issues.
  • Wheel Suitability
    The offset and size of the wheels have an effect on how well they fit your Commander. It’s essential to ensure the size and offset of the wheels conform with the Commander’s specifications for excellent fitment and prevent issues with the suspension and steering.
  • Expert Installation
    Though challenging, bolt pattern change is generally risk-free. Yet, speaking with an experienced technician before trying a bolt pattern conversion for an excellent and secure installation would be best.


Usually, bolt pattern conversions employ wheel or conversion adapters. They assist in modifying bolt patterns to fit irregular patterns. The adapters can also accommodate aftermarket wheels made for a different machine. Thus, the adapters let you mount wheels with a different bolt pattern because each side has a unique one.

Remember, unusual outcomes may attend your conversion to aftermarket wheels and tires. For example, installing larger wheels or tires without changing the clutch increases the risk of sluggish shifts and power loss. Furthermore, maintenance becomes even more crucial if you replace your stock tires and wheels.

Choose a new bolt pattern according to the vehicle compatibility, suitability of the wheels, and your desired level of performance. Researching and understanding your machine’s bolt pattern before purchasing new wheels is essential to ensure a proper fit and a safe and enjoyable driving experience.