The bolt pattern is crucial for selecting the best pair of wheels for a vehicle because it dictates how well the wheels will work with it. So, when choosing wheels for a machine, it’s essential to understand the bolt pattern. A bad bolt pattern can lead to ill-fitting wheels and jeopardize safety.

In addition, knowing your vehicle’s bolt pattern helps you get the proper set of wheels for enhanced performance, safety, and appearance. Thus, before investing in new wheels, it’s critical to comprehend the bolt pattern of your Side-by-side.

Can-Am Maverick X3 models have wheel hubs with a 4 x 137 stock bolt pattern with a 12 mm stud, also listed as 4/137 12 mm. The first number in the bolt pattern shows the number of boltholes, while the second value expresses the diameter of the bolt circle in millimeters. So, the 4 X 137 bolt pattern has four studs and a 137 mm bolt circle.

Using a wheel adapter, you can only fit wheels with non-conforming bolt patterns.

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Can-Am Maverick X3 Bolt Pattern

Examples of Can-Am Maverick X3 models and their bolt patterns include:

Can-Am Maverick X3 modelBolt Pattern
X3 DS Turbo4/137
X3 DS Turbo RR 644/137
X3 X DS TURBO RR 644/137
X3 RS TURBO RR 724/137
X3 X RS Turbo RR 724/137
X3 X DS Turbo RR4/137
X3 X RS Turbo RR with Smart-Shox 724/137
X3 X RC Turbo RR 724/137
X3 MAX DS Turbo 644/137
X3 X DS Turbo RR 644/137
X3 X RC Turbo RR 644/137
X3 MAX DS Turbo RR 644/137
X3 MAX X MR Turbo RR4/137
X3 MAX X RS Turbo RR with Smart-Shox 724/137
X3 MAX RS Turbo RR 724/137
X3 max X DS Turbo RR4/137

It’s a good idea to be aware of the bolt pattern for your specific make and model in case you need a spare, to change certain parts, or help when you’re stuck.

What Is a Bolt Pattern?

The bolt pattern is also called the pitch circle diameter, bolt circle, or lug pattern. It’s the configuration and number of bolts used to fasten a wheel to a vehicle. And it’s specified by two measurements, i.e., the number of lug bolts and the diameter of the notional circle determined by the center of the wheel hub. The diameter of an imaginary circle passes through the center of each bolt.

Can-Am x3 Bolt Pattern

While the bolt circle diameter specifies the space between the centers of two consecutive bolts, the number of bolts dictates the number of sites at which the wheel connects to the vehicle. Combining these two measurements produces the particular bolt pattern for each vehicle make and model.

For instance, typical bolt patterns for UTVs are 4 x 110, 4 x 137, or 4 x 156 millimeters, which translates to 4 x 4.33″, 4 x 5.39”, and 6.14” in inches. Knowing Your vehicle’s bolt pattern is crucial for choosing the proper set of wheels because multiple bolt patterns can’t be placed on the same machine without requiring modification.

Can-Am Maverick Bolt Pattern

For correct wheel installation and safety, knowing your side-by-side’s bolt pattern is essential. I’ll also help you focus your search for the right X3-compatible wheels. So, remember the number of holes and the bolt circle diameter —4 x 137 for the X3—are two essential components of a lug pattern.

Always use your UTV’s bolt pattern to choose the right wheel and tire. 

Important Considerations When Upgrading Wheels and Tires 

To ensure that your UTV performs at its best, you should examine the following factors when contemplating these upgrades:

1. Wheel Material

Various wheel materials, including alloy, steel, and aluminum, are compatible with the Can-Am X3. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, steel wheels are more affordable and durable. And aluminum wheels are lighter and give superior handling, whereas alloy wheels offer a better balance between strength and weight.

2. Tire design

Choosing the right tire and size is crucial to get the best performance. Smaller tires offer higher acceleration and maneuverability, while larger tires offer better traction and ground clearance. The type of terrain you ride on, such as gravel, dirt, sand, rocky, or all-terrain, will determine the optimum tire tread pattern.

3. Corresponding Bolt Patterns

The new wheels you choose should have the same bolt pattern as your Can-Am X3. The wheels’ proper bolt pattern ensures a secure fit and correct alignment on your UTV. It’s essential to verify the bolt pattern to avoid issues with the installation. A wheel adaptor can enable you to use wheels with a non-conforming bolt pattern.

4. Product and Quality

When replacing your Can-Am X3 wheels and tires, opt for high-quality products from reliable manufacturers. UTV wheels and tires from trustworthy brands ensure durability, performance, and safety.

5. Suspension

You may have to replace the Can-Am X3’s stock suspension to fit the aftermarket wheels and tires. The new tires may affect ride quality, ground clearance, and suspension travel. If you need more technical know-how, it’s a good idea to seek the advice of experts who can help you make any required suspension modifications.

6. Personal Preference

With a well-planned upgrade, your X3 can perform and look better, enhancing your off-roading experiences. The wheels and tires you select depend on your preferences, riding style, and intended UTV use. Consider the rig’s appearance, ride comfort, and performance requirements to choose the ideal mix.

Can-Am X3 Bolt Pattern Conversion

Bolt pattern conversion allows you to install different wheels on your Side-by-side than the stock setup. Aftermarket wheels and tires can enhance your Can-Am X3’s handling, performance, and appearance. The conversation provides better clearance to allow the installation of wider or larger wheels and tires for increased stability and safety.

Also, it can help fix clearance issues if your wheels touch your brake calipers or shocks. In addition, the modification gives your X3 a more aggressive stance. Further, the upgrade improves stability and handling characteristics with enhanced traction for the best performance.

Yet, there are some crucial factors to evaluate when considering converting the bolt pattern on your Can-Am X3, including:

  • Vehicle Compatibility
    The compatibility of the wheels with the UTV is the primary consideration when selecting a bolt pattern. It’s critical to ensure the wheel’s bolt pattern fits the X3 to avoid any fitment concerns.
  • Wheel Compatibility
    The size of the wheels and the offset have an impact on how well they work with the UTV. To ensure proper fitment, the wheels’ size must correspond to the X3’s standards, and their offset must be suitable to avoid any problems with the suspension and steering.
  • Performance Needs
    The UTV’s performance requirements also influence the bolt pattern selection. High-performance driving and off-roading require additional stability and support, which is why a lug pattern with more bolts is beneficial. However, a bolt circle with fewer bolts is simpler to install and maintain and is better suited for daily use.
  • Professional Installation
    Bolt pattern conversion is generally safe, though complicated. So, it’s essential to consult an experienced mechanic before attempting a bolt pattern conversion to ensure a proper and secure installation.


Bolt pattern conversions typically involve the use of wheel adapters or conversion adapters. They help with adapting bolt patterns to non-conforming patterns. Additionally, you can deploy the adapters to fit aftermarket wheels meant for a different machine. The adapters allow you to install wheels with varying bolt patterns because each side has separate bolt patterns.

If you switch to aftermarket wheels and tires, unexpected results may occur. For instance, mounting bigger wheels or tires without adjusting the clutch puts your rig at a likelihood of power loss and sluggish engagements. Furthermore, maintenance becomes even more important if you upgrade your tires and wheels.

You should select a new bolt pattern based on performance requirements, wheel compatibility, and vehicle compatibility. Before choosing new wheels, it’s crucial to do your homework and learn the bolt pattern of your machine to ensure a correct fit and a safe driving experience.