CFMOTO is a relatively new manufacturer of UTVs, one of the models is de UForce 800. It is a SxS with a V-twin engine of 795cc. It is made for work around the farm and for recreational purposes. Furthermore, it is a good machine, but it has some issues. That does not mean it is a bad UTV, all UTVs have some problems, and so does the UForce 800.

In this article, we discuss 7 problems that often occur with the UForce 800, and we describe how to solve them and a cost indication is also given. If you are in the market for a CFMoto UForce 800, read on.

cfmoto uforce 800 problems

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1. Battery Problems

Battery issues may present due to numerous factors, including improperly installed wiring that drains the battery, a malfunctioning voltage regulator, and severe temperatures. Yet, one of the main causes of a dead battery is auxiliary aftermarket equipment that needs a lot of electricity. Plugging many things like light bars, stereos, coolers with refrigeration, and winches can overload your battery.

The Fix: Although the CF MOTO’s default battery is of excellent quality, it tends to drain fast when powering multiple devices. There is insufficient power in the UTV’s single battery to run everything. Installing a twin battery kit might help by having your extra devices run off the second battery. It saves the primary battery for starting the side-by-side.

Also, make sure the battery’s wires are all firmly connected. Try anchoring the battery to a tender when not in use. Switch on the headlights to see if the problem is with the battery. The battery is dead if the lights are faint or don’t come on. Verify the battery’s voltage to make sure it is 12 volts or above. For the fuel injection to work properly, the battery needs to receive at least 12 volts. It costs $55.99 to replace a defective battery.

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2. Drive Belt Failure

Utility task vehicles, like the CFMOTO UForce 800, frequently experience drive belt issues. A customer reports,

“I have a 2021 CFMOTO UForce 800, and the stock belt only lasted about 1400 miles. Why does my new belt seem to be slipping when I approach a minor incline? I just put it on.”

The Fix: The bulk of the issues may be avoided, while some require expensive solutions. The most frequent causes include abuse, excessive use, bad riding habits, and poor maintenance. One of the belt’s main enemies is heat. The belt’s longevity and effectiveness are also impacted by how tight or loose it is.

Make sure the clutches are in good condition if you frequently experience belt issues, and stay away from obstructing or obstructing the factory vents. Think about investing in a robust belt and fine-tuning the clutches for your unique riding circumstances. Verify that the belt deflection complies with the requirements. Change a worn belt. The cost of an OEM drive belt for the CFMOTO UForce 800 is about $229.99.

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3. Fuel Pump Issues

It’s among the most prevalent problems with machines. The problem could manifest as a difficult start, backfiring, sputtering, power loss, or an unexpected engine shutdown while the vehicle moves. Typically, fuel pressure decreases with fuel pump aging. Your machine’s maximum RPMs, peak speed, and acceleration all degrade. A damaged fuel pump might damage your engine by not giving enough fuel.

The Fix: Without adequate fuel, the engine will run lean and heat the combustion chamber, which could cause an explosion. The piston may become damaged due to the high temperatures. When the gasoline pump is operating normally, you can mount a fuel pressure gauge at the tank outlet and keep an eye on the fuel pressure. Replace the UForce’s damaged fuel pump; an OEM replacement costs $329.99

It would be best to take it to a dealer or have it checked by an experienced technician if you are unsure what’s causing the issue.

4. Clutch Issues

A client complains,

“My CFMOTO UForce 800 only has 1100 miles on it, and every so often, when I let off the brake, it starts to move. This appears to get worse after driving it for along on start up. It shifts and behaves normally and is in good shape. I practically can’t shift it while the engine is going, which is the big issue here.”

The Fix: Clutch issues frequently occur due to worn-out parts of the primary clutch, such as the one-way bearing, clutch bearings, or clutch kit arms or fingers. Over time, they deteriorate and need to be replaced. It would be best if you also split the secondary clutch open to check the rollers and cam. A tight or jammed one-way bearing could create a drag and make shifting challenging. If you let the machine idle for a long time, the rollers in the clutch kit will deteriorate.

Debris and dust may also cause the plastic one-way bearing helix, used as an EBS lockout shim for primary clutches, to malfunction. Gear change issues that only appear when the engine is running could be brought on by a high idle, a clutch, or a belt failure. A weak clutch spring, unclean clutches, or an overly tight driving belt might cause gear change issues. A broken clutch can also cause belt failures.

You can get an OEM clutch kit for the CFMOTO UForce 800 for $119.98, and an OEM drive belt is $229.99. It would be best to get an expert mechanic to fix it.

For more maintenance instructions and tips, watch the next video and find out.

5. Transmission Challenges

You will notice jerks and trouble shifting if the transmission in your UForce 800 is malfunctioning. The major causes of transmission problems are improper driving practices, low fluid levels, poor fluidity at low temperatures, impaired fluid frictional qualities, etc. Additionally, deteriorating shift quality might be attributed to transmission fluid that has aged and lost part of its frictional qualities.

The Fix: Identifying the reason for the low fluid level and addressing any issues could be difficult. A leaky seal or a mechanical issue could be the cause. If you are unsure of the issue’s root cause, take it to a dealer or have it examined by a skilled technician.

6. High to Low Gear Shift Issues

A customer says,

“After driving my UForce 800 for about an hour and a half, I started to shift from H to L gear and the rig died on me then cranked right back up. I stopped, waited for it to cool off, and then got back on and the same thing occurred, so I stopped again to let the machine cool down. When it happened again the third time I went out riding, I finally decided it was pointless and loaded the rig onto the trailer. Has anyone encountered this problem before, and what’s the solution?”

Another customer asks,

“Has anyone else experienced a gear slipping noise when driving a U-Force 800 in low or high-range 4×4 with a load?”

The Fix: A number of problems, some of which are ECU-related, may be the root of these problems. If you take it to the dealer or a seasoned technician, it’s easier to find that out.

7. Engine Troubles

The CFMOTO UForce 800 has an 800 cc V-Twin cylinder, 4-stroke, 8-Valve, SOHC liquid-cooled engine with a maximum power of 46.3 kW/62 horsepower at 6700 rpm. If you take care of your UForce 800, you should encounter a few issues.

However, there are times when your UTV may start to malfunction, such as when you have a power outage, a miss, a backfire, or an overheated engine. To determine what’s wrong, you can perform some simple troubleshooting.

The Fix:

Step 1: Inspect the spark plug. Replace the spark plug in the boot after removing it from the cylinder head. Check the spark on the spark plug’s electrode after restarting the engine to see if it is functioning properly. Replace the plug if it isn’t sparking. Check and replace the coil if it is not working.

Step 2: Examine the fuel supply. To see if the engine is receiving fuel:

  1. Remove the fuel line and start the engine.
  2. If so, check the fuel and air filters for obstructions.
  3. Make sure the petrol tank is full as well.

Step 3: Inspect the fuel and air filters for water. Clean the filters or replace them if necessary.

In case of overheating:

  1. Try cleaning the engine’s exterior, radiator screen, and core.
  2. If it continues, consult your dealer.
  3. Consult your dealer for mechanical failure and worn or flawed spark plug wires.

These are the most common issues with a UForce 800. Problems can be prevented with good maintenance, if you cannot do it yourself, schedule an appointment with the dealer.