We’ve discussed the Polaris Ride Command system and its features a couple of times already on this blog. However, we noticed there are a bunch more questions that need clarifying. One of those questions is whether the Ride Command system works without cell service.

Polaris Ride Command can work without cell service for a variety of different features, such as GPS-based trail mapping and pre-planned rides. However, other features such as real-time weather updates or planning routes without a pre-downloaded map won’t work without cell service.

However, that certainly doesn’t cover everything you need to know about Ride Command and what features do and do not work without cell service. Let’s continue!

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What Ride Command Features Work Without Cell Service?

There are several features that will work with Polaris Ride Command even when you don’t have cell phone service. We’ll list them below, so you have a clear overview:

  1. GPS-navigation:
    Ride Command does offer the ability to track your GPS even when you’re not connected to cell service. This means that you can track your location and follow pre-planned routes with limited or no cell coverage. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the Ride Command system does have over 1 million miles of trails installed already.
  2. Snap-to-trail/Snap-to-track:
    These features allow you to pre-plan rides on the computer or in the Ride Command app, which can then be uploaded to the Ride Command system of your Polaris. Combined with the fact that GPS does still work without cell service, you’re able to follow these pre-planned routes. However, keep in mind that you must stay within 500 meters/yards of your pre-planned route for this system to work.

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What Ride Command Features Won’t Work Without Cell Service?

Of course, there will be features that won’t work with when cell service is not available. Below, we’ve listed the most important ones:

  1. Group Ride:
    Group ride is a feature that allows you to track other rides that you’ve previously made a Bluetooth connection with. Normally, this feature allows you to track them via their smartphone. However, without an active cell-service, the system does not always work. It does seem however that it’s possible to activate the Group Ride function via the in-built antennas of the Polaris vehicles (standard on 2020 and newer models). Polaris calls this V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and the system can keep track of vehicles with a range of 1 mile depending on terrain.
  2. Online features:
    Polaris Ride Command does offer a host of online features. These include streaming non-previously downloaded music, planning routes that weren’t pre-downloaded, as well as displaying point-of-interest and lodging that weren’t downloaded already on your navigational maps. However, these features do not work without a cell service.
  3. Weak GPS-signal:
    Even though Polaris Ride Command can still work without GPS services, it’s important to note that some owners have reported weak GPS signal in certain cases. This means that, without GPS or cell service, you’ll be left to navigating on your own without any outside help.

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Do Polaris Ride Command Plus Features Work Without Cell Service?

As specified in the table below, there’s also a package called Ride Command+ which has a bunch more features than the regular Ride Command package. However, the question is which of these extra features work without cell service and which won’t.

Ride CommandRide command +
Route planningYesYes
GPS mappingYesYes
Integrated waypointsYesYes
Group ride YesYes
Event planningYesYes
Vehicle health monitoringYes
Issue diagnosticsYes
Vehicle locatorYes
Bump AlertYes
Post ride alertYes
Group rideYes
Ride trackingYes

Out of all these extra features, we’re only certain that the vehicle locator will work without cell service, since this is a GPS-based system. Furthermore, because the vehicle locator system will work, we’re also pretty certain the Bump Alert system will work (which is a system that sends you a notification if your Polaris moved from its previous coordinates).

However, other features such as vehicle health monitoring, issue diagnostics, post ride alert, group ride+ and ride tracking+ will most likely not work without cell service because all of them rely on real-time information that can only be acquired via an internet connection.

Finally, though, it is important to know that Ride Command+ does store historical GPS locations and vehicle health information in its internal computer, and this information is uploaded to the cloud as soon as connectivity is available again. Therefore, even if information isn’t available in real-time, it will try it’s best to update as soon as it can.