The wheel bolt arrangement or pattern plays a critical role in choosing the best set of wheels for your machine because it has an impact on how well the wheels fit. Knowing the bolt pattern lets you choose wheels that enhance appearance, performance, and safety. An incompatible wheel hub bolt design could lead to ill-fitting wheels and compromise safety.

So, it’s essential to establish your vehicle’s bolt pattern before investing in aftermarket wheels. Moreover, knowing your particular machine’s bolt pattern comes in handy when you need a replacement part, a spare wheel, or assistance in an emergency.

All Polaris General models, including the General XP 1000 Ultimate, the General XP 1000 Premium, the General XP 1000 Sport, the General 1000 Sport, and the General 1000, come equipped with wheel hubs with a stock 4 x 137 bolt pattern. The bolt pattern’s first number indicates the number of boltholes, while its second number denotes the bolt circle’s millimeter diameter.

Finding wheels and tires that will suit your machine and enhance its beauty and performance is much simpler when you are aware of its bolt pattern. The 4 X 137 bolt pattern features four boltholes and a 137mm bolt circle, a fictional circle created by the position of the lug nut or mounting hole centers. Wheel adapters are the only way to fit wheels with irregular bolt patterns.

What Is a Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Other names for the bolt pattern include lug pattern, bolt circle, and pitch circle diameter. It refers to the arrangement and number of bolts that secure a wheel to a vehicle. It’s described by two metrics: the number of boltholes or lug bolts and the diameter of the hypothetical circle generated by the hub’s center in inches or millimeters. The circumference of the notional circle passes through the center of each bolt.

Polaris Commander bolt pattern

The number of bolts determines the locations where the wheel attaches to the vehicle, whereas the bolt circle diameter shows the distance between the centers of two successive bolts. These two measures together yield the specific bolt pattern for each vehicle make and model.

Understanding your vehicle’s bolt pattern is essential, since you can only fit a wheel with different bolt patterns by making the required modifications. Typical UTV bolt patterns include 4 x 110, 4 x 137, or 4 x 156 millimeters, translating to inches as 4 x 4.33, 4 x 5.39, and 6.14. Always use your Side-by-Side bolt pattern to help you choose the right wheel and tire.

Polaris General Bolt Pattern

If you would like to learn about a vehicle’s bolt pattern, the owner’s manual is an excellent place to start. The 4 x 156 bolt pattern is standard on Polaris General Side-by-Sides. To properly and safely install aftermarket wheels, it’s imperative to comprehend your UTV’s lug pattern.

In addition, it aids in narrowing down your search to wheels that work with your Side-by-Side. So, the two most important aspects of a lug pattern for the Polaris General are 4 x 156: The number of holes in the wheel hub and the size of the bolt circle.

The bolt pattern should always be taken into consideration when selecting or changing the wheel and tire on your vehicle.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Upgrading Your Wheels and Tires 

If you want to upgrade your UTV wheels, the following tips can help you make sure the machine operates at its peak performance:

  • Wheel Design 
    Polaris General can use wheels of various construction, including steel, alloy, and aluminum. Choose the option that most closely matches your needs: Steel wheels are more robust and reasonably priced. Aluminum wheels are lighter and easier to maneuver, while alloy wheels offer a better strength and weight combination.
  • Complementary Bolt Patterns
    The replacement wheels you select must have the same bolt pattern as your Side-by-Side. So, ensure the wheel bolt design is appropriate for your Polaris for a proper fit and alignment. A non-conforming arrangement results in fitting and alignment issues and poses a safety hazard.
    So, inspecting the bolt pattern to avoid installation problems is crucial. Wheel adapters can help you install wheels with a different bolt pattern.
  • Suspension
    It would be best to speak to a specialist if you require additional technical advice to assist you in making any suspension adjustments. The aftermarket wheels and tires could have an effect on ride comfort, suspension travel, and ground clearance. Additionally, the Polaris General factory suspension might need adjustment to take in the modifications.
  • Tire Construction 
    You must pick the proper tire and size to achieve the best performance. Larger tires will give you more traction and ground clearance. However, if you desire better acceleration and maneuverability, install smaller tires. The best tire tread pattern can vary depending on whether you’re riding on mud, sand, gravel, rocks, or all terrain.
  • Product and Quality
    Always go for wheels and tire upgrades of the highest quality by reliable companies. Using high-quality products from reliable manufacturers improves durability, performance, and safety.
  • Individual Preferences
    You can improve your riding experiences by enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and performance. So, when choosing replacement wheels and tires, take into account the expected general use, your tastes, and your riding style. The perfect combination will depend on your preferred UTV look, ride comfort preferences, and performance requirements.

Conversion of the Polaris General Bolt Pattern

You can use other wheels with your General by altering the bolt pattern. The wheels and tire upgrades can improve your Side-by-Side’s appearance, handling, and performance. The modification raises the clearance, enabling the installation of larger aftermarket wheels and tires and improving stability and safety.

In addition, the upgrade gives your UTV a more dominant, masculine appearance. Furthermore, the modification can fix clearance problems if your wheels rub against your shock absorbers or brake calipers. Moreover, upgrading can enhance stability, control, and grip for outstanding performance.

But there are a few essential things to consider before you attempt to change the General’s bolt pattern. These comprise:

Expert Installation 
Changing the bolt pattern could be challenging, although this is rarely a cause for alarm. Speaking with a professional before trying a bolt pattern change is crucial for an excellent and secure installation.

Performance Needs
The ideal bolt design depends on your UTV’s performance requirements. A bolt circle with fewer bolts is simpler to assemble, requires less upkeep, and performs better for routine usage. However, a lug design with more nuts is desirable for off-roading or extreme performance sports since it provides stability and support.

Your primary consideration when choosing aftermarket wheels should be how well they fit your Side-by-Side. Double-check that the wheel bolt pattern matches the Polaris General to prevent fitment issues.

Wheel Match
The offset and size of the wheels affect how well they fit your UTV. Verify the wheels’ size and offset to make sure they match the General’s specifications for the best installation. It also prevents problems with the suspension and steering.

Other Considerations
Typically, bolt pattern adjustment involves the use of wheel or conversion adapters. They alter bolt patterns to make it possible to attach wheels in a variety of configurations. Wheel adapters also allow the installation of wheels made for different vehicles.

Remember that installing aftermarket tires and wheels could result in unforeseen effects. In addition, you are also more likely to experience sluggish shifts and power loss if you install larger wheels or tires without modifying the clutch. Further, keep in mind that fitting aftermarket tires and wheels make maintenance even more critical.

Choose a bolt pattern based on compatibility, adaptability of the wheels, and your desired performance requirements. Before buying new wheels, understanding your vehicle’s bolt pattern is essential to ensure a correct fit and a safe and comfortable driving experience. So, always check your machine bolt pattern to help you select the appropriate wheel and tire upgrades.