Polaris is the premium brand for ATVs and UTVs. This is mainly due to the design, quality and performance of the various models. The wide range of models means that there is always an option for you, such as the Polaris Outlaw. This excellent ATV offers good driving comfort and is capable of great performance. If you’re looking for the top speed of this model, here’s what you need to know:

Youth ATV models have a restricted speed of 10 mph for Y-6+ models and 15 mph for Y-10+ models, while the top unrestricted speed is 15 mph or less and 30 mph or less, respectively. This applies to Outlaw 50, Outlaw 70, Outlaw 90 and Outlaw 110.

The topspeed for these machines is factory set at 15 mph, but adults can increase the top speed to maximum 30 mph, when driver’s skill improve.

These numbers have been collected through spec sheets as well as watching the many YouTube videos where the Polaris Outlaw is driven fast. This way, you can be sure we haven’t just collected the theoretical data, but also checked how the Polaris Outlaw performs in practice.

Additionally, we’ll give you 7 suggestions on how to ramp up your Polaris Outlaw and increase the top speed, so read on!

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Polaris Outlaw Top Speed vs Other Polaris Youth Models

Polaris has ATVs and UTVs for different ages. For riders ages 6 and up this is the Outlaw 70. The Polaris Outlaw 110, Sportsman 110, RZR 200 EFI and the Ranger 150 EFI is for riders ages 10 and up. For the age group of 14 years and older, there is the Phoenix 200.

The next table gives you the top speed of de various Polaris youth models.

ModelTop Speed (mph)
Outlaw 70 and 110 EFI15 or 30
Sportsman 110 15 or 30
RZR 200 EFI15 or 30
Ranger 150 EFI15 or 30
Phoenix 20020 or 30
Polaris Youth Models Top Speed

The topspeed for these machines is factory set at 15 mph, but adults can increase the top speed to maximum 30 mph, when driver’s skill improve.

When you are in the market for a Polaris Outlaw 70, see next video for a detailed review.

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How To Make Your Outlaw Faster?

By ramping up the engine and engine related parts, the Polaris Outlaw will definitely reach a higher top speed. However, keep in mind that the ATV is not designed for this, which can cause more wear and tear, resulting in more frequent maintenance.

If you still have factory warranty on your Outlaw, I advise against ramping it up. Making changes to your Polaris could void the warranty, meaning if you run into any major issues, you’ll likely have to pay for those yourself. So, first check your warranty before you make the alterations.

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As a final note, the outlaw is a kid’s ATV. Children and youth are not good at assessing hazards, and so it is with speed. Driving fast is fun for them, but they don’t know the dangers. Think carefully whether you want to boost your child’s ATV, an accident is easily created.

There are several ways to make the Outlaw faster, (but remember, this is at your own risk) including:

polaris outlaw top speed

1. Adjust Speed Control System

 An adjustable speed control system controls the engine RPMs and speed of Polaris youth ATVs. When supervising adults decide their youngster is competent to handle more speed, they may adjust the speed restriction mechanism. Note that the dealer can’t interfere with a speed restriction device, not even at the customer’s request, either before or after the sale.

You can take the following steps can adjust the throttle movement: First, loosen the jam nut and then rotate the screw inward to slow down or outward to accelerate up. After the adjustment, ensure you tighten the jam nut.

You will find the throttle adjuster behind the left front tire in the Outlaw 70.

1.1 How to modify the speed control and throttle stop system

To increase vehicle speed, loosen the jam nut on the throttle adjuster and rotate the stud clockwise. To slow down the UTV, rotate the stud anti-clockwise. Tighten the jam nut to 15 ft-lbs after setting the stud to the desired vehicle speed. To ensure the cable is functioning well, repeatedly cycle the throttle lever.

2. Use Better Fuel

You can improve the engine performance by using higher-octane fuel. Higher octane fuel can quickly increase the speed of your Outlaw because the fuel burns more thoroughly. It also improves fuel efficiency, and the mechanical parts of your fuel system corrode less. The better mileage isn’t very obvious, but you can see the difference in performance. Although it may cost a little more than the cheaper fuel, it works wonders when you press the gas.

3. Change Tire Size, Pressure, and Weight

Use larger tires if you want a higher top speed. Larger tires turn with more force but go farther per revolution. Also, depending on the terrain, tire pressure might affect performance. When riding in sand or snow, a lower tire pressure helps you go faster, whereas a higher tire pressure is more beneficial on flat, hard ground.

Furthermore, the common setup of steel wheels with large, heavy mud tires impacts your quad’s speed. Consider using lightweight aluminum rims and a decent set of performance tires if you want to make your Outlaw faster. Select the appropriate tire size, depending on your playground or hobby.

4. An Ecu Tune and Clutch Kit 

ATVs 110cc and below are youth models. They are made for children 10 and older, and their maximum speed is thus 30 MPH. Although the engine gives higher speeds, the engine control unit (ECU) prevents it from exceeding 30. To remove the speed restrictions, increase the RPM, and increase the power, get the ECU remapped or re-flashed. In addition, you can turn off the speed limits with an aftermarket ECU flash.

A clutch kit is a fantastic method to get more performance out of the engine in your ATV. A clutch kit optimizes your RPM curve to get the most out of your maximal horsepower when you throttle down. So, the proper clutch package will increase your acceleration and top speed. You can get a Polaris Outlaw 90, 110 ATV racing performance transmission clutch kit for $199.95.

5. Upgrade the Intake

Regularly check and clean your air filter. A blocked/dirty air filter limits the amount of air that can reach the engine. A clogged air filter causes your engine to suffocate or choke while driving. Consider installing a high-flow air filter to increase airflow to the engine. An upgraded intake is one of the simplest ways to boost your machine’s performance; more air-fuel mixture translates to a higher power.

K&N has some of the most outstanding air filters for any power sports or automotive application. K&N high-flow air filters cost between $29.87 and $129.99.

6. Upgrade the Exhaust

You may increase the performance of your Polaris Outlaw quad by upgrading the exhaust. Because it can exhaust more air, the engine can take in more air. This setup performs better when used in parallel with a high-flow air intake system. If you can’t replace the entire exhaust system from the headers down, a performance slip-on exhaust is a great alternative.

The slip-on muffler is the most common technique since it enables you to swap out your factory exhaust for a more frequently lighter one. Also, these systems have cores enabling much larger exhaust flow rates than the somewhat baffled ones of the stock systems. You get more horsepower from the performance slip-on exhaust but not as much as from a full-performance exhaust system.

Pair a high-flow intake system with the slip-on or full-performance exhaust system for the greatest performance improvements. The Polaris Outlaw 110 is available as a Slip-On System in the Performance (Mini) Series. HMF Polaris Outlaw 110 Slip-On System in the Performance (Mini) Series goes for $329.95

7. Get a Big Bore Kit

Installation of a big bore kit may result in a significant performance improvement. The acceleration speed will increase along with the top speed. In essence, you are expanding the cubic capacity of your engine. With most larger bore kits, you will need to replace the piston and cylinder with larger sizes. More air, fuel, and the mixture will enter the combustion chamber, improving the performance of your Outlaw significantly. You can get Polaris Outlaw 110 Big Bore Cylinder Kit for around $450.

Featured image: Polaris ORV Media