It is fun to drive your Polaris Ranger Crew fast, but you feel like it can go even faster. Furthermore, you would like to improve the acceleration, but is that possible? Can you do that yourself? You can do several things to improve top speed and acceleration. Before we begin, what is the maximum speed of the Polaris Ranger Crew? Here’s what you need to know:

The Polaris Ranger Crew has a factory set top speed of 44 mph – 60 mph depending on the model and the year of production

These numbers were collected through spec sheets and YouTube videos, where the Polaris Ranger Crew is driven fast. So, you can be sure we have collected all the information about the Crew’s top speed.

Additionally, we’ll give you 6 suggestions on how to ramp up your Polaris Ranger Crew and increase the top speed, so read on!

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Top Speed Polaris Ranger Crew

The Ranger Crew is one of the popular 4-seater models in the Polaris UTV range. Not only because of its engine, but also because of its functionality, quality and driver comfort.

Model To Speed (mph)
Ranger Crew 100065
Ranger Crew 90052
Ranger Crew 80045
Ranger Crew 70040
Ranger Crew 57050
Ranger Crew Diesel40
Ranger Crew 50044

See the video below for a Ranger Crew Top Speed run!

Ranger Crew Top Speed Compared To Other Ranger Models

Curious to see how fast the Ranger Crew is compared to other Polaris Ranger models? The table below gives you a quick overview of the different top speeds. Keep in mind that these numbers are averages of the factory specs, as well as several speed tests, found on YouTube.

ModelTop Speed (mph)
Ranger 50035.5
Ranger 80040
Ranger 90050
Ranger XP100060-65
Ranger Kinetic/EV60
Ranger 150/20015 – 30

As you can see, the Polaris Ranger models vary in top speed. The top speed of the Rangers is factory set, but there are several things you can do to boost your engine. You can read more about this later in this blog.

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Boosting the Ranger Crew Engine!

Many factors affect the top speed of your Crew, including horsepower, drivetrain, the weight of the occupants and cargo, the terrain and weather conditions, the altitude you ride at, and accessories on your vehicle.

I advise against ramping up the warranty on your Crew if you still have a factory warranty. If you adjust your Polaris, the warranty could be void, meaning that you will have to pay for any major issues yourself. So, first check your warranty before you make the alterations.

You can increase the power and top speed of your Ranger Crew through the following:
(but remember, this is at your own risk)

1. Better Fuel

If you want to make your Crew faster and more powerful, switch to a higher-octane fuel. Since fuel with a higher octane level burns more thoroughly, your engine will run better. Also, it is more fuel efficient and protects your vehicle because the mechanical parts of the fuel system don’t corrode as often.

You should see a boost in performance. Although higher-octane fuel costs more than regular fuel, the sensation when you press the accelerator is exhilarating. The octane level is often raised by rig owners because they prefer a healthier boost than what is offered at a gas station.

Put a little fuel into the gas tank and shake your Crew back and forth to mix it thoroughly. Alternatively, you can verify that your measures are accurate by mixing the fuel in a gas can before adding it to the gas tank.

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2. An Aftermarket Clutch Kit

Installing an aftermarket clutch will increase your rig’s response and top speed. The kit changes your RPM curve to maximize optimal power. So, with the proper upgrade, you can boost your top speed and acceleration. The clutch kits often include new springs and weights that change the timing and speed of the self-adjustment.

It is easy to adapt clutch kits for various riding styles, riding environments, and engine swaps. It is advantageous to use a clutch kit since it improves torque, power, top speed, and throttle responsiveness. Less belt slippage and heat buildup also result in a longer belt life. A Ranger Crew clutch kit can cost up to $449.00.

3. Reducing Weight and Using the Appropriate Tires 

The lighter your Ranger is, the more power it will have and the faster it will move. Thus, high-speed applications benefit more from lightweight Polaris Ranger tires. Your side-by-side top speed will be limited if you have big Polaris Ranger crew mud tires. When riding your Polaris Ranger on paved roads, smooth radial tires are your best bet. They are designed for on-road riding.

You can also lessen the weight burden on your UTV by keeping less fuel in the gas tank and removing the Polaris Ranger Crew accessories that you hardly ever use.

4. Upgrading the Intake

It’s important to check and clean your air filter regularly. If the air filter is dirty or blocked, it will restrict the amount of air that can enter the engine chamber. The engine of your rig will choke or suffocate if the air filter is dirty. The easiest way to make your machine run better is to upgrade the air intake.

By increasing the amount of air and fuel that can enter the combustion chamber, it boosts the engine power. Consider installing a high-flow air filter to improve your Ranger Crew engine airflow. K&N has had a remarkable run over the years and makes some of the best air filters for use in Powersports and automotive applications. The prices for K&N high-flow air filters begin at around $39.99.

5. Fitting a Big Bore Kit

A big bore kit can increase your engine performance and increase your acceleration and top speed. The fundamental idea behind the big bore is to provide a larger piston surface than the original. This surface’s size will affect the area of the piston exposed to engine combustion pressure, which will impact how much force is transmitted to the piston rod and engine crankshaft when the piston is moving.  

In essence, you are increasing your engine’s cubic capacity. When using large bore kits, you will typically need to swap out the piston and cylinder for larger diameters. The combustion chamber will receive more air, fuel, and mixture, which will make your Polaris Ranger Crew perform better. Big bore cylinder kits for Polaris Ranger are available for $500 and above.

6. Tuning the Engine Control Module 

The Ranger Crew drives faster if you disable the speed limiter with an aftermarket ECU flash. And these speeds are achievable with bigger mud tires installed, although it might take a bit longer to get there. You have two speed increase options: installing an ECU tuner on your Polaris Ranger Crew, so you can make the necessary modifications, or sending your Ranger’s ECU in to be reflashed. Plugging an ECU tuner into your UTV’s electrical system allows you to change items like the rpm limitation and speed limiter.

Some adjust the radiator fan’s on/off temperature to keep the engine cool. A tuner can also modify the fuel curve and ignition timing to change the amount of fuel delivered at various RPMs and advance the timing. This can significantly enhance throttle response and acceleration. With an ECU tuner, 91 or higher octane is typically necessary, particularly if the timing curve is modified.

Also, ensure your performance switch is connected and that your Ranger is running in performance mode if it feels sluggish. When in low or four-wheel drive, many drivers mistakenly assume their Ranger is moving too slowly and complain about it. Furthermore, you can increase your rig’s top speed in many ways.

You can disable the seat belt safety features in the ECU or the plug itself, or you can make sure your seat belt is plugged in, and the seat belt sensors are functioning. A professional tune-up is around $400.