Polaris is the premium brand for ATVs and UTVs. This is mainly due to the design, quality and performance of the various models. The wide range of models means that there is always an option for you, such as the Polaris RZR. This excellent UTV offers good driving comfort and is capable of great performance. If you’re looking for the top speed of this model, here’s what you need to know:

The Polaris RZR 1000 has a factory set top speed of 78 mph and the acceleration from 0 – 60 mph is 5 seconds. The RZR Trail, respectively 70 mph and 9.56 seconds. The RZR Pro XP has a top speed of 90 mph and an acceleration of 5 second. The Polaris RZR Turbo has a top speed of 85 mph and the acceleration from 0- 60 mph is 5.11 seconds.

These numbers have been collected through spec sheets as well as watching the many YouTube videos where the Polaris RZR is driven fast. This way, you can be sure we haven’t just collected the theoretical data, but also checked how the Polaris RZR performs in practice. To make it complete, we also include acceleration power in our comparison.

Additionally, we’ll give you 7 suggestions on how to ramp up your Polaris RZR and increase the top speed, so read on!

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Polaris RZR Top Speed Of Different Models ( 1000, Trail, Pro XP, Turbo, 170, 1000 High Lifter)

Polaris introduced the RZR (Razor) in 2007. It was launched as a sub-model of the Polaris Ranger but due to it’s popularity, it became a model of it’s own and de Ranger designation was dropped.

ModelTo Speed (mph)Acceleration(0-60mph)
RZR 1000 XP795
RZR 1000 High Lifter795
RZR Trail 570709.56
RZR Pro XP905
RZR Turbo 855.11
RZR 900657.14
RZR 170 and 20015 -30 NA

Note: The RZR 170 and RZR 200 is factory set at 15 mph, but adults can increase the top speed to maximum 30 mph, when driver’s skill improve.

The speed test in the video below is a brand new RZR Pro R and reaches a higher top speed and a faster acceleration then mentioned in the tabel above. However, it is measured by a GPS.

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How Fast Is The RZR Compared To Other UTVs?

Let’s also compare the Polaris RZR to its competition. Keep in mind that the top speeds of these models are taken from the standard version, the special versions are not listed in the table.

These speeds also come from the technical specifications and various YouTube videos, and are average top speeds.

ModelTo Speed (mph)
RZR 1000 XP79
Honda Talon75
Can AM Maverick80
Kawasaki Teryx70
Yamaha YXZ80
Cf Moto Zforce73

The Can Am Maverick and the Yamaha YXZ can match the top speed of the Polaris RZR. The Kawasaki Teryx and the Cf Moto Zforce have a significantly lower top speed, 70 and 73 mph respectively.

How To Make Your Polaris RZR Faster?

By ramping up the engine and engine related parts, the Polaris RZR will definitely reach a higher top speed. However, keep in mind that the UTV is not designed for this, which can cause more wear and tear, resulting in more frequent maintenance.

If you still have factory warranty on your RZR, I advise against ramping it up. Making changes to your Polaris could void the warranty, meaning if you run into any major issues, you’ll likely have to pay for those yourself. So, first check your warranty before you make the alterations.

polaris rzr top speed

There are several ways to make the RZR faster, (but remember, this is at your own risk) including:

1. Throttle Limiter Screw

Adjusting the throttle screw on your off-road utility vehicle is the simplest way to go faster. Your throttle lever connects to the throttle cable, pulls the cable, and opens the throttle by pivoting on a screw. Many machines feature a throttle limiter screw that can regulate how much movement the lever has.

The throttle lever can only be pushed so far when the screw is turned counterclockwise, which forces the screw into the housing. The lever can be pushed farther, and the screw can be backed out of the housing by turning the screw counterclockwise, which raises the engine’s rev limiter.

2. Upgrade the Air Filter

Upgrading the air intake is often the easiest and cheapest way to boost engine performance. Improved airflow combined with more gas results in more power and speed. Stock air filter restricts the amount of air reaching the engine because they employ thicker and more dense foam to filter the air. It reduces airflow and limits the engine.

Consider replacing the factory air filter with a high-flow air filter. Unifilter and K&N have a solid reputation for quality and performance and provide the safest alternative to the stock air filter setup. You should also regularly check and clean your air filter because a dirty air filter restricts the amount of air reaching the engine. K&N high-flow air filters cost $29.87 to $129.99.

3. Head Porting and Valve Jobs 

You can send your head to any number of businesses to have it ported. The list includes Powerline Performance, Bikeman Performance, D&M Racing, and Millennium Technologies. Engine airflow is improved by porting your cylinder heads because the factory RZR cylinder heads don’t have the best intake and exhaust ports.

New cams can give your RZR engine a little more power in addition to the enhanced airflow in the engine caused by ported heads. However, remember that the XPT RZR has a different cam ground than the XP RZR. So, if your rig is boosted, your 1000 RZR cams are more than competent.

4. Big Bore Kits 

Installing a big bore kit can significantly improve performance. As acceleration speed increases, so will top speed. You are essentially expanding the cubic capacity of your engine. Most larger bore kits require you to replace the piston and cylinder with ones of a greater size. More air, fuel, and the mixture will enter the combustion chamber, improving your RZR’s performance significantly.

Most of the big bore kits come with higher-compression forged pistons, which significantly boost torque and enable you to accelerate more quickly than RZR Turbo. Always utilize some fuel tuning accessories with a big bore kit if you want to increase the peak speed of your RZR. Big Bore Kits cost $859.99 to $2,299.95.

5. Exhaust Flow

A guaranteed way to increase your RZR’s performance is to upgrade the exhaust. The ability to evacuate more air allows the engine to pull in more air. When coupled with a high-flow air intake system, this setup performs well. Typically, most upgrades produce 2-4% improvements over stock speed. Furthermore, your exhaust system needs to be modified to manage the extra exhaust production if you increase the airflow into the engine, increase the engine displacement, or alter the air/fuel ratio.

A restrictive exhaust system can cause performance issues and engine backfiring. An exhaust system has undergone considerable testing and can handle the motor’s stock performance. So, when you start increasing the motor’s other components, you restrict it’s potential by not updating the exhaust. Exhaust systems range from $512.95 to $ $1,875.00

6. Re-jetting the Carburetor

The manufacturer painstakingly tunes the engine to achieve its capacity. But fine-tuning applies to all standard components, and when you modify stock components, you must repeat the tuning process. A primary jet and an idle jet are present in most carburetors. When the engine is idling, the idle jet feeds fuel to the carburetor, while the main jet feeds the carburetor at all other times.

You must adjust the fuel ratio by altering the jets when you change the engine’s air intake or exhaust flow. Fuel must be added for the stoichiometric ratio to remain at a level that ignites the cylinder most effectively. When combined with the optimum jetting, improved airflow should result in a 2-4% improvement in top speed.

7. Turbo Kits 

Many owners choose turbo kits because they may raise the peak speed of their Polaris RZR for less money. With a Polaris RZR turbo kit from companies such as Packard Performance or K&T, there’s no need to disassemble the engine or perform extensive rebuilds; just bolt the turbo on, and you are ready to go off. After flashing the ECU, the rig is ready for the UTV World Championship.

The RZR engine can manage the boost load, and some turbo kits even include clutch weights to help your vehicle’s clutch handle the additional power the turbo adds. While a turbo kit by itself is effective, combining components from the other Polaris RZR speed improvements described above will guarantee that your vehicle is the fastest on the block. You may also add speed-enhancing Polaris RZR components, such as superchargers. Polaris RZR turbo kits cost $2,395.00 to over $5,719.99.

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