When you are an owner of an ATV, your vehicle will encounter many problems. Some may simply be something that causes you to slow down when you’re riding or a minor inconvenience, some might make your vehicle totally useless. A display that doesn’t work is an inconvenience, unless your Sportsman won’t start.

If you have problems with the digital display, there are a number of problems that could be causing that, something from bad connections to swapping out batteries could be the solution. But before acting hastily, a little diagnosis is best. So, read on!

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1. Display Not Turning On

If your display does not power up at all, the problems could be within the power supply. This could also happen when you are riding. The power supply to your display could cut off, drawing a blank on your instrument cluster. This could also result in your engine dying, as this user encountered.

“I have a 2012 Polaris Sportsman HO that completely shut off while I was riding it up the road. All the lights on the display went out, and the machine shut off. There is no way to restart it. I checked the kill switch and toggled it on and off and in between to see if that was the issue, but that didn’t make a difference.”

The first place to look at if this does occur is the battery. Make sure your battery is fully charged and supplying enough power to operate your display. A weak battery will not be able to power your display or even fire up your engine. Sometimes, even aftermarket electrical add-ons could drain the power from your battery.

Faulty wiring, damaged fuses, or any other impediment that cuts the power flow to your display could also be the case. If you notice that your engine also shuts off when your display blacks out, you should also consider checking the kill switch. Again, any electrical issues leading to your kill switch can be the problem.

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2. Flickering Display

A flickering Polaris Sportsman display is often the result of loose connections.

“My display started to flicker on and off last week. At first, it only lasted for about 30 seconds. Now, it does it for about the first 10 minutes it’s running.”

If this were the case with your Polaris Sportsman display, you need to inspect every single connection individually. Make sure no wires are damaged and they are all connected appropriately. Inspect the connectors for corrosion, cleanliness, and bad connections.

Again, the problem could be with the battery itself. If you have installed any aftermarket electrical accessories, they might be drawing power from the battery and not leaving enough for the display. So, check the voltage that is reaching the digital display.

In some models of the Sportsman, the ignition switch is to blame. A bad batch of switches was known to cause this same problem on many ATVs. Try shaking the key, if it flickers more, the problem could be with the ignition switch.

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3. Incorrect Readings

A display that works is useless if your display is showing incorrect readings. If your display is showing incorrect readings about your speed, RPMs, or other parameters, the first place to inspect is the sensors.  Faulty sensors might be generating incorrect readings, which result in faulty display readings.

You need to inspect everything from the wheel speed sensor to the engine temperature sensor and make sure they are working properly. Once the sensors are ruled out, if your display is still displaying incorrect readings, the problem might be with the display itself. If your display is to blame, you have to get it replaced. A replacement display could cost anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the model and year of your Polaris Sportsman.

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4. Blank Display

If your Polaris Display is completely blank, chances are you got a blown fuse on your hand. This is a simple repair to do, check the fuse of your Polaris Display and replace it if necessary.

Another possible cause is a loose connection. You can’t expect your display to power up if it’s not getting power. Make sure your display is properly connected. Check for corrosion, dirt, and damaged wiring.

You can’t rule out software issues, either. In some cases, a software glitch may cause the display to not work properly. Try resetting the ATV’s computer system by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, then reconnecting it.

In some cases, you will only lose your display partially, while the rest of your display works fine.

“I took my ATV in and the dealership replaced the stator and rectifier due to starting problems. They also replaced the seal and gasket on the oil pressure pump. My digital dash worked fine, but when I got it back, my gas gauge did not even show up anymore. I wiggled a couple of wires and got it to flicker off and on briefly, now I can’t even do that! Took it back, and they said they could find no loose wires or connections, and it did not get fixed. ”

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5. Frozen Display

Polaris Sportsman Digital Display Issues

Every bit of information you get through your Sportsman’s display is important. While your display clock might not be at the top of the list, it is still an important feature of your display. And when talking about a frozen display, it is often the clock that ends up getting frozen.

“My son’s 2020 570 Sportsman just came out of storage. What a winter! Everything is working good except when I go to set the time. Can set it okay and use the mode button after every step. I get it to the proper time, but it will not change. Everything else on the display screen works properly. I tried 5 times and no luck.”

If this were the case, the culprit is probably your battery. A low battery can cause your clock to run slower or freeze altogether.  Try unplugging your battery and leaving it for about 20 minutes and plugging it back again. If that doesn’t do the trick, try recharging your battery. Attach the fully charged battery back to your rig, which would probably get your clock working again.

Just like the blank display issue, it could be a problem with the software as well. Try resetting your ATVs computer.

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6. Display Backlight Not Working

One of the cool features of the Polaris Sportsman display is the ability to change the color of the backlight. As cool as it is, some owners have faced an issue with the backlight not working properly.

The backlight is actually an important feature that increases the visibility of your instrument cluster. Losing will make it harder to read what is displayed, especially in low-light conditions.

Often when the backlight fails, the problem lies in a burnt fuse. Check the display’s fuse and replace it if necessary. The backlight could also end up faulty over time due to wear and tear due to harsh environmental conditions.

What To Do If You Are Facing Trouble With Your Display

If you are having trouble with your Polaris General digital display, you should eliminate the possible suspects one by one. Start with the power source itself. With most of the problems mentioned above, the battery is always a common cause.

So, before digging deeper, make sure that your battery has enough power to operate your display. And also make sure that the power generated by the battery makes it to the digital display. If not, you might have to check the connections leading to the digital display.

Once you’ve made sure that there is a power supply to your digital display, you have to ensure that the display itself is properly connected.  Ensure that all wiring connections are secure and free from any corrosion or damage. While you are at it, you should also check the fuse. Check the fuse box and replace any blown fuses.

If your digital display is still faulty, you should try resetting it. Try resetting the display by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, then reconnecting it. If this does not work, the display may need to be replaced. And replacing the display is not cheap. So, before replacing your display, it is a suitable option to take your Sportsman to your local dealer.

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