What kind of problems does a Can Am X3 normally have? In this blog, we’ve outlined all the most important things you should watch for when you’re in the market for a Can Am X3. In the rest of the article, we’ll discuss every single problem in detail. Furthermore, we’ll tell you how to identify it, fix it and how much it costs to fix. Read on!

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Can Am X3 Problems

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1. Engine Problems

There is no single reported case of X3 engine failure. The engine is sturdy and very reliable. That said, owners experience issues such as hard starts, misfiring, loss of power, etc., which are common, especially as the engine ages. For example, a customer says,

“My x3 was loaded with anti-seize. I’m now experiencing misfire codes and the machine going into limp mode.” 

It is a case where the anti-seize spread on the electrodes. It is also a good idea to check the spark plugs. Furthermore, it is essential to keep the engine clean, including the spark plugs, air filters, fuel tank, line, and sieve because they can present problems if they are dirty and clogged. Use high-quality oil whenever possible, and stick to the recommended oil-changing schedule outlined in your manual.

It will be difficult to start or operate the UTV if the engine sustains damage. The engine might need replacement at that point.  

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2. Alternator Issues

When the alternator starts to malfunction, the voltage to your electrical equipment begins to fluctuate. A classic example would be under or over-performing equipment, such as headlights that are either too dim or excessively bright. You may notice flickering lights or lights that change in brightness from bright to dim and back again.

Also, if your alternator is overworked or has frayed or broken cables, you might detect an electrical fire-like burning smell. Overworked alternators try to squeeze a lot of current down their wires, which overheats and makes them dangerously hot. Damaged wires also produce resistance to electrical flow, which heats them and causes them to emit an unpleasant odor.

Upgrade the alternator if you ever experience a low voltage issue with your X3. The factory alternator can’t support additional apparatus such as a stereo, lighting, and all other electrical stuff you may want on your rig. You can find an aftermarket alternator for $1,400.00.

3. Turbo Issues

A customer reports that,

“My new Mav X3 X DS Turbo RR broke down… I suspected some hoses came apart, and there was dust and dirt in the turbo unit. I took it to the dealer, and they cleaned the dirt out of the turbo and secured two disconnected hoses. They said it was good to go after test-driving it. We picked up the machine.
After a few weeks, the unit went into limp mode, and the engine light came on. Took the machine back to the dealer, and they changed the plugs, which they said were fouled. Still, I find the unit isn’t delivering as much power as promised.”

The manufacturer presents the Can-Am Maverick X3 DS Turbo R and X3 X DS Turbo RR models as delivering 172 and 195 hp, respectively. But in reality, they fall short of the turbo promise. Unfortunately, there isn’t a satisfactory solution to this shortcoming.

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4. Clutch and Belt Problems

The Can-Am X3 is notorious for blowing belts. A customer explains,

“I’m on my third Maverick and the first two had clutch problems. In my first Maverick, I switched out the stock primary for a team primary, but while I was removing it, I realized that 3 of the 6 weights were not moving at all. After taking apart the primary, I discovered the shims were fitted improperly, which was why they stuck.
An incorrectly fitted shim from the factory caused one of the six weights on my previous Turbo Maverick to stick when I was installing the air dam kit. Checking those weights before investing in clutch enhancements won’t do any harm. I believe that with the older mavericks, this may have been the issue explaining why some owners can get over 1000 miles on belts and others only a few hundred.”

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Customers complain about clutch problems, including overheating, which may often be an assembly defect. So, begin by ensuring your primary weights are assembled correctly before considering other remedies. Another issue with this X3 is that belts can blow up the transmission. The best way to safeguard your transmission system is to install a transmission seal guard. You can get a transmission seal guard ‎for $45.00.

Also, the belts can frequently blow due to the force placed on the clutch, which generates a lot of heat. Liquid nitrogen injected into the clutch housing can assist keep the surrounding temperature at zero degrees. It might aid in extending the life of your belts. But improving the clutch’s effectiveness is the only way to remedy it. Therefore, if the clutch is having problems, you can try to fix it yourself or contact a qualified mechanic. It is better to replace a clutch that is having issues.

5. Front and Rear Knuckles Issues

The X3 is for doing stuff, and when towing, you may frequently surpass the 17,000 lb. capability of the stock front knuckle, which can be problematic. The factory knuckles also have a problem with the wheel bearing. You can boost the capacity of your Can-Am and prevent it from bending by upgrading the front and rear knuckles. Upgrading the rear knuckles can increase its capacity by 72,000 lbs.

The better aftermarket Can-Am Maverick X3 front knuckles have a capacity of 86,000 pounds. They can cost between $800.00 and $1,999.00 a pair, while the rear knuckles are around $989.95.

6. Delicate Radius Rod and Plate 

The factory radius rod and plate are not particularly robust. The stock radius rods also don’t clear the wheel assembly. Sometimes, this can give the impression of an object embedded in the radius rod. You might think you have gotten past a rock or other object sticking out of the ground only to run into the obstruction.

It can bend your radius rods or compel you to stop. Further, the plate is very flexible when doing fast spins, which could crack the rod. On rides through rough terrain, the increased movement may wreak havoc. For example, a customer says,

“My Can-Am Maverick X3 occasionally feels uncomfortable when driving on challenging terrain surfaces. I also often get stuck because the vehicle can’t clear some obstacles I encounter on the trail.”

You can install a more robust rod plate and upgrade the radius rod with better and stronger High Clearance Radius aftermarket rods. It is also advisable to increase the ground clearance by two more inches for better reliability. You can find ZRP radius rod plate costs $149 and aftermarket Can-Am X3 High Clearance Radius Rods for $744.99.

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7. Vulnerable Transmission Seal Protector

Rough terrain puts the transmission seal and belt at risk for damage. It can lead to horrible circumstances and accidents. You can prevent this by swapping the transmission seal protection with a steering and seal guard. The patch doesn’t need lubrication, and there is no front-end play. It will also make turning in challenging terrain easier. The steering and seal guard price starts at $61.00.

8. Shock Tower Problems

For whatever reason, BRP created a single shear front shock tower. If you think of the weight it is bearing and the force the shocks are applying while the suspension is cycling, it has failure written all over it. The shock tower brace is under a lot of stress during hauling, raising the risk of it tearing. Using a shock tower brace is the best way to strengthen your upper shocks. 

It directly fits and strengthens your suspension. The shock tower braces are simple to put in place and take off. Thus, it is simple to remove your strut brace if you don’t like how the ride feels. Cam-Am X3 Shock Tower Braces cost around ‎$225.00.

9. Fragile Door Handles 

Many X3 owners complain that the stock door straps on their vehicles are weak. Even though this might not be a performance related problem, the manufacturer should resolve it. The manufacturer should consider substituting the fragile door straps with billet aluminum handles that bolt into the strap location