You have purchased Polaris Ride Command and are wondering if the system is up-to-date. Are the maps up to date, is the latest software installed, do you have the latest connection software on your device? These are just some of the questions you want answered.

This blog addresses all these questions and more. By reading this article, you can be sure that your device is up-to-date and that you have the latest software.

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Is Ride Command Always Up To Date?

No, Ride Command is not always up-to-date. Polaris Ride Command relies on several components in order to be up-to-date and function optimally. Here are some things to think about when it comes to Ride Commands new stuff and requirements:

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  • Software Updates
    To improve the performance and functionality of Ride Command, Polaris regularly releases software updates. For example, Polaris can remotely add new features, fix bugs or make improvements to the user experience. Install Polaris updates to keep Ride Command up to date. These updates can be downloaded from the Polaris website or through the brand’s official dealer.
  • Map Updates
    One of the most used features of Ride Command is the navigation function. Ride Command’s GPS navigation feature uses map data. Map updates may be needed to keep the maps up-to-date and add new routes and roads. Polaris may provide these updates through the Ride Command website or other official channels.
  • GPS Signal
    To provide accurate navigation information, Ride Command must receive a strong GPS signal. This means that the vehicle must have a clear view of the sky with no major obstacles that could block the signal. In areas with limited GPS coverage, the navigation function may be less accurate. So without a good GPS signal, Ride Command may not be up-to-date.

Your Polaris Ride Command is up-to-date depending on the updates released by the company.

Follow this link for the Polaris Ride Command Update website. Choose your screen and pick your update. This is for older vehicles before 2019.

When you have a Polaris model year 2019 and newer, visit the following website link to update your Ride Command via wifi.

Updates are only released when there are major changes in the software which improves the driving experience or when new maps are released or modified. Follow your Polaris guide to update the system and make sure you’re connected to the internet via wifi. This ensures that your Ride Command continues to function optimally and up-to-date with the latest functions and data.

How To Connect To Polaris Ride command?

Connecting to Ride Command is done by using wireless techniques. You need these connections to use Ride Command and to keep the system up to date. You can connect Ride Command in the following three ways.

  • Bluetooth
    This technique is required to connect your smartphone, headsets and other compatible devices to Ride Command. Using Bluetooth, Ride Command can communicate wirelessly with your smartphone for functions such as phone connectivity, streaming music and receiving notifications.
  • Wifi
    Ride Command can also connect via Wi-Fi for data transfer and connectivity to the internet. This makes it possible to download map updates, software updates and other online features.
  • GPS
    Ride Command uses GPS technology for accurate positioning and navigation functions. The system receives signals from GPS satellites to determine your location and guide you while driving. This function only works if the signal is not blocked by, for example, tall trees. Ride Command must be in the open air to receive a strong GPS signal.

It is important to note that exact techniques and connectivity options may vary depending on the specific Ride Command system and Polaris vehicle model.

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A safety tip, don’t operate Ride Command while you are driving. You don’t have your eyes on the road and this can lead to a dangerous situation.