Polaris ride Command is an all-in entertainment, tracking and planning device for ATVs and UTVs. It is partly comparable to Google maps or any other navigation system. But Ride Command can do much more than just navigate. So, the question is: Is Polaris ride command worth the money?

This is not easy to tell. This depends on your own experience and what you are willing to pay to have that experience. What is certainly the case is that Ride Command is an excellent tool for planning, driving and sharing your ride.

In short, ride command has loads of features that make driving and data sharing easy. It just depends on whether you want to pay extra for these features. I cannot do this for you, I can only indicate what Ride Command is so that you can determine for yourself whether Polaris Ride Command Is worth your money.

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Polaris Ride Command, Pros and Cons

To be able to assess whether Ride Command is right for you, I will list the advantages and disadvantages of the system below. Hopefully, because of this, you can determine for yourself whether the system has added value for you. I’ll start with the benefits.

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Ride Command Pros

I came up with 6 good things.

  1. GPS Navigation
    To be able to maneuver and drive easily in unfamiliar terrain, Ride Command naturally has a GPS Navigation that has great accuracy. This way you can easily drive on unfamiliar paths and explore new routes without getting lost.
  2. Trail Planning
    This is a useful function for planning and recording routes. You can create routes, mark waypoints and share them with other riders. This way you will never lose your favorite trails again, and if you go out with a group you can share the route so that everyone can follow the same road at their own pace.
  3. Trip Registration
    The Ride Command software keeps a lot of information, so you can look at it later on. Distance, time driven, average speed, route and fuel consumption are some of the data that is recorded.
  4. Communication with other vehicles
    If your friends who you are going to ride with also have Ride Command, you can share a lot of information. You can do this by talking or by texting. This way you can inform them where you are (sharing location) if the vehicles are connected to each other via Ride Command.
  5. Vehicle Diagnosis
    The system also monitors the engine and the entire powertrain. As soon as there are problems with, for example, the cooling, Ride Command will notify you. Other faults are also reported by the system, so you can always get on your way safely.
  6. Integrated Media and Smartphone Connectivity
    Ride Command offers Bluetooth and USB connectivity options, allowing you to connect your smartphone or media devices. You can listen to music, make phone calls or access compatible apps through the system.

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Ride Command Cons

Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks.

  1. Cost
    Anything fun costs extra money. Likewise, Ride Command, this is an extra that you have to pay for. Depending on the model and package, prices may vary. This can be a disadvantage if you have a limited budget.
  2. Limited compatibility
    Another drawback is that Ride Command is only available for Polaris vehicles. If you have friends with another brand of UTV/ATV, you will not be able to share the ride data. Besides, if you sell your Polaris after a number of years, whether or not you’ll get the invested money back remains.
  3. Dependence on GPS signal
    Another disadvantage is that Ride Command works with a GPS signal. This can cause problems with accuracy in areas with a lot of trees and a weak GPS signal. This is not only a disadvantage of Ride Command, but actually of all systems that work with GPS.
  4. Learning curve
    As with any new technology, Ride Command has a learning curve. It may take you a while to familiarize yourself with the features, settings, and interface. Some users find the initial installation and customization process somewhat complex.

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Alternatives To Polaris Ride Command

is polaris ride command worth it

What are the other options if you don’t choose Polaris Ride Command? There are only two options, namely Aftermarket GPS Systems and Smartphone apps.

  • Aftermarket GPS Systems
    There are several aftermarkets GPS systems available for off-road vehicles. Garmin, Magellan, and Trail Tech are brands that offer GPS devices specifically designed for outdoor and off-road use. The various systems often provide similar functionality, such as navigation, waypoint marking, and trip logging. They can be installed on any kind of vehicle, so you can change vehicles in the future if you’d like to.
  • Smartphone Apps
    There are a lot of smartphone apps for off-road navigation and tracking. Applications like Gaia GPS, Polaris Off-Road, and AllTrails let you track your location and see trail maps. Even though they may not be as easy to use and integrate as a dedicated system, they can be cheaper alternatives if you already have a smartphone.

However, these alternative systems do not monitor the condition of the engine and the entire drivetrain. This is something Ride Command does.


Here are the advantages, disadvantages and the alternatives of Polaris Ride Command. I hope this information will help you make the right choice and have a fun, safe ride. Ride Command certainly offers advantages over ‘ordinary’ GPS systems. It just depends on whether you really need all this extra and whether you are willing to pay extra for it.